Name the baby Red ruffed lemurs!

Our two youngest Red ruffed lemurs aren’t really babies anymore, and it’s time they receive formal, life-long names.

Known primarily as “white tail” and “black tail” since their birth in May, the two playful boys have joined the grown ups in the lemur exhibit and are doing well. Keepers are available for questions about them every afternoon at 1:45 pm during the daily Red ruffed lemur Keeper Chat. 

The Jackson Zoo Keepers have narrowed their selection to the following two choices for each baby:



For the more outgoing of the two boys, born with a white stripe on his tail:
“Masoala” (MAH-zo-AH-lah), the name of the national park where Red ruffed lemurs are found


“Tampolo” (Tam-POO-loo), a region of Masoala National Park

The voting has ended! Stay tuned for news of the upcoming announcement!



For the less outgoing of the two:
“Sava” (SAH-vah), the region in Madagascar where Masoala National Park is located


“Lova” (LOO-vah), which means “wealth” in Malagasy.

Voting has concluded. Stay tuned for the announcement!



Which names were chosen? Find out SATURDAY OCTOBER 21st at 1:45 PM at the daily Red ruffed lemur Keeper Chat!

Although it won’t add any weight to the vote, we encourage people to adopt any one of our Red ruffed lemurs (or an organization can sponsor the whole troop!) for a base fee of $50 for 12 months, per lemur (details on adoptions HERE).

Please email with any questions!