HABITAT: Birds are found all across the globe, from pole to pole, terrestrial or aquatic.  
Diet: All birds are consumers, meaning that they must eat something in order to get nutrients and energy. Birds can be herbivores (plant-eaters), carnivores (meat-eaters), or omnivores (plant and meat-eaters).
Lifespan: The lifespan of birds is as diverse as the animals. Some birds may live only a few years, such as some types of quails, or decades, like parrots that can live upwards of 80 years.
Their story:

Birds are a class of animals that have some distinct characteristics (though there are always exceptions).

The main avian characteristics are:

  1. Endothermic– body temperature is controlled by internal processes. Sweating, panting to cool down, goosebumps, shivering to warm up.
  2. Feathers– feathers have various functions and so have various forms. Feathers are used for flight, coloring, courting, swimming, etc.
  3. Hard-shelled eggs– the shells of a birds eggs offer protection against damage, prevent the loss of water, and even regulate the exchange of gas and water for the growing embryo.
  4. Beak– the bird’s beak is also high diverse, with function following form.