Endangered Species Carousel


Endangered Species CarouselVisitors to the Jackson Zoo not only can see some exotic animals during their visit, but they can ride them as well! The Friends of the Jackson Zoo is proud to offer visitors the opportunity to ride such animals as a giraffe, a lion, an elephant and our own native Mississippian, the catfish.


The carousel is open daily and is only $2 a ride.



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A Little about the Endangered Species Carousel

The carousel was hand carved from solid wood by Carousel Works from Mansfield, Ohio. Great care was taken to make each hand painted animal one of a kind. All carousel paintings were hand selected, depicting items representing the state of Mississippi, the Magnolia, and state bird, the Mockingbird.

Many features are unqiue to the Jackson Zoo Endangered Species Carousel, so there is no other one like it in the country. Every carousel has a unique creature created just for it, and our creature is a Mississippi catfish! Some of the paintings on the top rounding boards represent old photos from the Zoo such as the Monkey Castle, Livingston Lake, and the old Zoo entrance from the 1920s.

The Friends of the Zoo began the planning stages of the project in September of 2003 and the actual installation of the carousel began in September of 2004. It took only three weeks to do all of the foundation work thanks to the hard work of Nall Construction. The fine staff of Carousel Works came in and had our carousel up and running in record time! This project has been a labor of love and is a beautiful new addition to the Jackson Zoo.