Change for Change

Did you know that with every visit to the zoo, you’re not only seeing beautiful creatures and creating memories with your family out of doors, but you are also supporting organizations that work directly with wildlife? 25 cents of every admission goes directly to our Change for Change Conservation Partners.

Mississippi is a haven for migratory birds and home for a variety of raptors, or birds of prey. These “raptors” are extremely important to the ecology of the state and the region. These birds help control rodent populations, help the natural cycle by cleaning up what humans and nature leave behind. Although it is illegal to harbor or rescue native wildlife without a permit from the state or federal government, there is need to help these important birds when they come into harmful contact with humans or the man-made environment. 

The Jackson Zoo vet team and animal care staff, in partnership with other licensed rehab individuals in the state, houses, feeds, rehabilitates, and releases more than 100 indigenous birds of prey back into their wild habitat every year. From the American Bald Eagle to the Black Vulture, learn more about these amazing and beneficial creatures at our Change for Change board at our entrance, and vote for your favorite with your pocket money!