Current Projects

The Livingston Train
Our replica train is in the shop for a serious repair. Since these engines are unique, a replacement is hard to find. We hope to have it running soon.

The Reticulated Giraffe Yard
These two adopted brothers are a decade apart in age. The younger, Knox, has not yet wanted to step into the grass to join Casper. The entire staff is on alert for when it happens. In our Ten Year Plan, there is a larger exhibit designed so that we may bring in more animals, and possibly do feedings once a week.

Red Panda Cave
Yoda the Red panda is both a cold-weather animal, and crepuscular (most active at dusk & dawn). If it’s too warm and/or sunny for his liking, he naps in his favorite spot or goes into his AC. We are currently trying to find him a companion animal, which is difficult due to his advanced age (12 years old).

Asian Grotto
The former residents were moved to other zoos for breeding in the Species Survival Plan. We are currently seeking a new resident, which would be closer to type of animal the enclosure was designed for, and hope to have news to share before 2018.

Beaver Pond
Due to a lightning strike, one of the ozone generators in this exhibit is no longer working. The water is safe for the wildlife, just not attractive. We are currently looking for funding to replace the expensive piece of equipment.

Otter Tank
Playful otters did some damage that turned out to be more extensive than keepers originally thought. We are having to look outside the region for this type of repair, so it’s taking longer to fix.

Historic Bird Run
This section of the zoo is one of the oldest on the property, and since we turn 100 in 2019, it’s seen it’s time. It is in need of replacement as opposed to continuous repair, and we are currently looking into project sponsorships.

Pygmy Hippo Pond
Pygmy hippos are nocturnal and reclusive by nature, so when they find a dark hiding spot, they tend to return to it. If you see Clementine, baby Zemora, or Dagwood, snap a pic! It’s a rare and beautiful photo!

The Discovery Zoo
Our renovation of this classic area of the zoo is being adjusted for budget cuts and animal needs. The Contact Yard is open in the morning, and the DZ keepers love to bring some ambassador animals out in the afternoon for a visit. With extra funds, we could have a fully functional Contact Yard in late 2018!

Want to donate towards or even sponsor one of these projects?
Contact TREY JONES at or call 601-352-2580 ext 225