Donor Tile Program

Zoo Tile ExampleThese tiles are being installed on a beautiful structure in the Asian section of the Jackson Zoo, along with a new exhibit for tigers, renovated exhibits for Amur leopards, and for gibbons, and the already completed orangutan exhibit.

Started in 2009, these tiles serve as reminders to future generations of visitors of your support.

By donating and investing in a tile at the Jackson Zoo, you will be contributing to ongoing development of our zoo. Not only will your gift be recognized, you will always remember that you cared about helping the Jackson Zoo grow and improve.

In recognition of your wonderful support, the Jackson Zoo will have a tile inscribed with a drawing representing your chosen animal and your name, or an inscription.

Sizes include a 12" x 12" or a 6" x 6" tile with an animal drawing along with your inscription; or personal inscription only tiles in sizes 8" x 8" or 3" x 6".

There is only a limited amount of space on the structure, so be sure to include all those folks on your list that have special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries coming up. They will always remember this gift! Call (601) 352-2580 with any questions.

Don't miss out on having your name inscribed at the Jackson Zoo!

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Fill out the order form and returned with your payment to:

The Jackson Zoo

attn: Donor Tile Program

2918 West Capitol Street

Jackson, MS 39209