Zoo Mobile

The Jackson Zoo brings the wonders of wildlife, right to you, with interactive learning and a chance to meet our animal ambassadors up close and personal. Have fun learning about wildlife and wild places at your school, library, hospital, church, or special event.  zoo mobile small


Toddler - PreK

This Storytime is a Zoo!

Do you have children who get wild about animals? Enjoy laughing, singing, and cheering while we tell stories and meet some of the animal ambassadors from the zoo.

NOTE: This is a 30-minute program and is limited to 25 children. Minimum of 2 programs.

PreK-2nd Grade

Animal Sounds

Have you tried to roar like a lion or hoot like an owl? Ever wondered why animals make so many different sounds? Discover the answers and much more as you make a hoot or holler while playing games and learning about animal communication.

Fur, Feathers, and Scales

Hey, he looks different than me! Through this program you will not only discover why animals look different and why some are covered in fur or feathers while others have scales but also how we can group animals based on these features.

1st-4th Grade

Classify That

Some animals look the same and others are very different. Learn about some important animal characteristics while designing your own unique animal. Then group your animals based on these features. Watch out, no two animals are the same.

3rd-5th Grade

Habitat Sweet Habitat

What does it take to survive? For starters, a good home always helps. It’s all about the habitat, animals have different physical and behavioral adaptations to thrive where they live, let’s discover a few of them!

Animal Behavior

Ever wonder why an animal does what it does? Why does it roar? Why does it stretch? Why does it sniff? Explore all the questions of why animals do things in this program and maybe even do some of them yourself.

5th Grade +

Vanishing Act

It’s no magic trick, animals are vanishing. Why are they leaving? Learn about a few factors that are causing some animals to become endangered; most importantly learn what you can do to help them survive and flourish.

Large Group Assembly

Mississippi’s Wild Web

Have you ever wondered what might be living in your back yard? Here in Mississippi it could be anything from otters to owls! Discover how these native animals live together during this look into their lives.

NOTE: This program is for large groups (30-100 participants).

Non-School Groups

You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy the Zoo. The Jackson Zoo delivers Zoo Mobile Programs to libraries, senior centers, and various other community groups. Each program offers education content, live animal demonstrations, and biofacts from our zoo collection.

Our Wild World

Animals are all around us and can leave wonderful lasting impressions. Discover (or re-discover) some of your favorite animals and get an up close experience with them that will be sure to rekindle your love for our wild world.

NOTE: This program is limited to 100 participants. Smaller groups offer a more interactive experience.

Festival Style

Festival Style

Festival style is for event-like programs where participants filter by various tables/vendors. Participants come up to a set table where they will talk with an instructor about the biofacts and animals that they brought. Multiple animals may not be out at the same time. There are additional requirements for festival style programs.



Scheduling Policies

  • Zoo Mobiles are available Monday-Saturday.
  • Programs are booked on a first come, first serve basis.
  • All programs must be booked at least one month in advance.
  • All programs must be paid for at least two weeks in advance or your program will be cancelled.
  • In the event of a cancellation made by your organization less than one week before the scheduled program date, a $25 per program cancellation fee will be retained by the Jackson Zoo.


The cost of Zoo Mobile programs is based on mileage:

  • 0 – 20 miles = $85
  • 21- 40 miles = $100
  • 41- 60 miles = $150
  • 61- 80 miles = $180
  • Over 80 miles, please call for pricing
  • Programs are designed for classrooms (~30 students). “This Storytime is a Zoo!” is limited to 25 children.
  • Large Group Assembly programs are designed for assemblies/large groups, 30-100 participants.
  • Up to 2 consecutive additional programs of the same topic may be added for $40 per program ($20 for “This Storytime is a Zoo!”). For festival style, additional hours may be added for $40 per hour for up to 2 additional hours.
  • There will be an additional $30 fee for after-hours programs (programs after 5pm).

Book your Zoo Mobile today by calling the Jackson Zoo Education Department at: (601)352-2580 ext. 240.