During the management transition, annual zoo passes and zoo memberships are not available for purchase or renewal. At the end of the hiatus, all active memberships will be extended to reflect the length of the public closure. In the meantime, we encourage current Jackson Zoo members to use their membership cards at our Member Partner businesses to receive 15% off their dine-in experience: Sal & Mookie’s, Bravo!, Broad Street, Iron Horse Grill, Brent’s Drugs, Barrelhouse, Fenian’s Pub, Brick Street Pops, and all local Twisted Pretzel locations.

In addition, a few zoos will also allow reciprocal discounts for Jackson Zoo members at their attractions: Santa Ana Zoo at Prentice Park (CA), Maui Ocean Center at the Aquarium of Hawaii, Lake Area Zoo (SD), Washington Park Zoo (IN), Binghamton Zoo at Ross Park (NY), Henson Robinson Zoo (IL), and Zoosiana Zoo of Acadia (LA). (Other zoos may allow at certain times, please call that zoo ahead of time for details.)


Jackson Zoo animal care and maintenance staff are always in need of funds to give animals extra care and enrichment, and we welcome any donation to an animal (or keeper) in any amount. Funds marked as Animal Care/Maintenance go towards keeper needs as they do enrichment activities and exhibit upkeep for the health and safety of our animals. Donations marked General Fund are used for facilities and grounds maintenance (keeping trucks running for keeper use, building repairs), guest services and events, and future exhibits and animal acquisitions.

With sponsorship of $50 or more, each donor will receive a digital “adoption” package featuring an official certificate of sponsorship, species facts and photo of their adopted animal*. (Please note that with our non-profit status currently in limbo, donations may not be tax deductible.) 

To adopt an animal or keeper, please send your check or money order payment to Jackson Zoo, Adopt An Animal (c/o EJ Rivers), 2918 West Capitol Street, Jackson MS 39209. You can also drop off your donation 9 am to 4 pm M-F at that address, or send via PayPal to donations@jacksonzoo.org (you can also click HERE).

. Please notate your animal of choice in your correspondence, and add an email that can receive your digital artwork.

Please contact ejrivers@jacksonzoo.org with any further questions about memberships or donations.

*Animals Available for Digital Adoption Certificates (+ indicates endangered species)

Reticulated Giraffe+      Asiatic Black Bear+     Sumatran Tiger+     Cotton-top Tamarin     Black Headed Spider Monkey     Diamondback Rattlesnake     American Alligator     Blue and Gold Macaw     Umbrella Cockatoo     Ball Python     Cougar     American River Otter     Beaver     Kookaburra     Red-ruffed Lemur+     Southern White Rhino+     American Flamingo     Hawaiian Ne Ne     Crested Screamer     African Spurred Tortoise     White-handed Gibbon+     Fishing Cat+     Amur Leopard+     Grevy’s Zebra     Ostrich     Klipspringer     Marabou Stork     Sable Antelope     Chimpanzee     Pygmy Hippo+     Diana Monkey     Black and White Colobus     Schmidts Monkey     Red River Hog     Red Wolf+