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The Jackson Zoo Announces Birth of Red River Hog Piglets

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Jackson, Miss.—The Jackson Zoo welcomed three red river hog piglets born to second time parents, Dill and Potter, on Dec. 29, 2014. The piglets weighed in at 5, 6 and 7 pounds at their one week check-up. They currently sport a striped brown and black coat, which will become a reddish brown color as they grow into adulthood. Their coloration helps them camouflage with the dappled sunlight that would come through the forest canopy. Since the late December birth, the piglets have remained inside with mom, due to severe winter weather conditions....

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Entergy Supports Jackson Zoo’s Wild Learning Program

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Jackson, Miss. – The Jackson Zoo received a $5,000 contribution from Entergy which underwrites the cost of admission and transportation to the zoo for students through the Wild Learning Program.   The Entergy Charitable Foundation is a private foundation dedicated to supporting charitable organizations in the diverse communities where Entergy customers and employees live and work.  The Foundation’s goal is to support initiatives that help create and sustain thriving communities. Jackson Zoo’s Director of Major Gifts and Annual Funds, Josh...

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Jackson Zoo Receives Grant Contribution From Nissan North America, Canton

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Jackson, Miss. – The Jackson Zoo received a $5,000 check from Nissan North America, Inc. Canton which will go toward purchasing educational technology for the Zoo’s Wild Learning Program. Through Nissan Neighbors, a charitable program designated to support Nissan business objectives in Education, the Environment and Humanitarian Aid, Nissan North America was able to award the Jackson Zoo with $5,000 to purchase educational technology for its’ Wild Learning Program. Technology will include interactive LED boards, computers, tablets and other...

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Jackson Zoo Mourns Loss of One of the Oldest Giraffes in Country

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JACKSON, Miss.—The Jackson Zoo’s reticulated giraffe, Diamond, passed away at 28-years-old, and was one of the oldest giraffes living in the United States.  Diamond was born Jan. 1, 1986 at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado. She arrived at the Jackson Zoo on Oct. 9, 1992 and has lived a life well lived for almost 29 years. She has mothered eight calves during her life and three of them are believed to still be living. The Zoo’s staff is deeply saddened by the loss of Diamond. Her keeper, Jenny Ghents, described Diamond as a sweet and gentle...

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Jackson Zoo Receives Grant from MDAH to Restore Historic Rhino Barn & Exhibit

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Jackson, Miss. – The Jackson Zoo was awarded $148,400 for a restoration grant approved by the Mississippi Department of Archives and History Board of Trustees on Wednesday. Mississippi Department of Archives and History awarded more than $2 million on behalf of the Community Heritage Preservation Grant program to 17 projects across Mississippi. The Jackson Zoo is honored to be a recipient of this program and will use the grant for restoration to the existing Rhino Barn and Exhibit, which was built in the 1920’s. The board of trustees of MDAH...

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Jackson Zoo Receives Grant Approval From Rotary Club District 6820

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Jackson, Miss. – The Rotary Club District 6820 has approved a $7,500.00 grant from the Jackson Zoo to purchase technology equipment for the zoo’s Wild Learning program. The Zoo’s Director of Major Gifts and Annual Fund, Josh Friedel, met with Debra McGee, Senior Vice President & Director of Minority Business at BankPlus and West Jackson Rotary Club members on Tuesday. The West Jackson Rotary Club presented a $7,500.00 check to the Jackson Zoo’s Wild Learning program, which will be used to purchase new technology equipment for the program...

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Jackson Zoo and JSU Strike Historic Partnership

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Jackson, Miss. – The Jackson Zoo signed a historic partnership agreement with Jackson State University on Tuesday, the agreement formalized a three year commitment and $120,000 pledge from the University to adopt the tiger exhibit, which will be renamed The Jackson State University Tiger Exhibit. Staff from both parties met in the JSU Administrative Tower to finalize an agreement that had been in the works for several months. The foundation of the partnership is based around sponsorship of the JSU Tiger Exhibit and a JSU Membership Program....

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Jackson Zoo Saddened by Loss of Baby Orangutan

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The Jackson Zoo regretfully announces the loss of its’ 6 month old orangutan on Thursday, Oct. 23. Thursday morning, Zoo staff found the baby orangutan lifeless in the overnight keeping quarters with his mom, Sabah. The death was unexpected, as no signs of stress or harm to the infant were present before his passing. Multiple issues were found during the initial necropsy report and we await the final reports to pinpoint the cause of death.  The mother of the infant appears to be doing well and remains under close watch and care by the staff....

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Jackson Zoo Expands Partnership With MSU’S College of Veterinary Medicine

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The Jackson Zoo formalized an extended partnership with the Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine by signing a Memorandum of Understanding between the MSU-CVM Provost and Executive Vice President, Mayor of Jackson, and Executive Director of the Zoo, on Wednesday. There has been a partnership in place for years, where MSU-CVM students visit the Zoo for hands-on learning about exotic medicine. With mutual goals, such as improving health and care of animals, providing quality education, and advancing research, the two...

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Sumatran Tiger Birth at the Jackson Zoo

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On May 20th in the early morning, Sumatran tiger Sari, aged 7.5 years, gave birth to her first cub. The cub is a great success for Sumatran tiger conservation, as these tigers are critically endangered with less than an estimated 500 in the wild. During the next few weeks, the cub will open his eyes and become more mobile and potentially even start to explore the den. The birth is a result of the recommendation from the Sumatran Tiger Species Survival Plan (SSP) that Sari mate with 7.5 year old Emerson. Jackson Zoo visitors may remember when...

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