2014_04_10 - pup pile during vet examOn March 30, 2014, the Jackson Zoo welcomed the birth of 8 red wolf pups. This is the second litter for red wolf parents, mother Taladu and father Kanati.

Currently, the 3 males and 5 females are under the constant watchful eye of mom in the den. “We’ve checked and weighed all of the pups. They are all doing well and come in around 600 grams or about 1.3 pounds,” said Deputy Director Dave Wetzel. “It will be several weeks before mom lets them venture from the den, so it will be some time before the public will be able to see them.”

Last year, several pups were born, but due to a virus the pups picked up, they had to be taken and raised by zoo veterinary staff. The previous litter is currently in an enclosure behind the main red wolf exhibit, but the three males, Wowati, Uyosi, and Asdaya are visible from the main overlook.

The new litter remains unnamed, though they are most likely to be named in the tradition and given Native American names. Mom is named after the Cherokee word for cricket and Dad is named after the first man and hunter in Cherokee folklore. The older pups are named after their key characteristics; bob (for his bobbed tail), loud, and hungry.



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