** indicates endangered status on the IUCN list.


Warm-blooded vertebrates that give birth to live young.
Sugar GliderRed-ruffed Lemur**
Cotton-top TamarinBlack-headed Spider Monkey
Schmidt's GuenonDiana Guenon
Eastern Black & White Colobus** KEEPER NOTEWhite-handed (Lar) Gibbon** KEEPER NOTE
ChimpanzeeBlack-tailed Prairie Dog
Sable AntelopeAmerican Beaver
ChinchillaGuinea Pig
European RabbitFour-toed Hedgehog
Fishing Cat**American Cougar
Amur Leopard** KEEPER NOTERed Wolf**
Asiatic Black Bear**North American River Otter
European Polecat (Ferret)Kinkajou
Grevy's Zebra**Southern White Rhinoceros**
Red River HogWild Boar
Pygmy Hippopotamus**Reticulated Giraffe**
KlipspringerSumatran Tiger** KEEPER NOTE

AVES (Birds)

Warm-blooded vertebrates that lay eggs.
Ostrich KEEPER NOTERed Junglefowl
Southern Crested ScreamerNe-Ne Goose
Black-necked SwanMallard Duck
Golden-eyeRinged Teal
Spur-winged GooseAmerican Flamingo
Long-billed CorrellaPied Imperial Pigeon
Tawny FrogmouthWhite-naped Crane
Wattled CraneMarabou Stork
Black-crowned Night HeronBlack-winged Stilt
Great Horned OwlBlack Hornbill
Laughing KookaburraDusky Lory
Macaw (Parrot)Blue & Yellow Macaw
Green-winged MacawYellow-naped Amazon
Yellow-crowned AmazonHawk-headed Parrot
White Umbrella CockatooMajor Mitchell's Cockatoo


Cold-blooded vertebrates.
Green Tree FrogEastern Box Turtle
Painted TurtleRiver Cooter
Common SliderYellow-footed Tortoise
Gopher TortoiseLeopard Tortoise
African Spurred TortoiseCommon Musk Tortoise
Inland Bearded DragonAfrican Fat-tailed Gecko
Prehensile-tailed (Solomon Island) SkinkRoyal (Ball) Python
Yellow AnacondaKing Snake
Corn SnakeWestern Ratsnake
Gopher (Pine) SnakeCopperhead
Western Diamondback RattlersnakeTimber Rattlesnake
American Alligator


Aquatic vertebrates.
Long-eared Sunfish


Hexapod invertebrates, and the largest animal species on earth.
Madagascar Hissing Cockroach