giraffe in a birthday hat

Birthday Excursion Group Discount!

It’s easy to bring your birthday group out to the Jackson Zoo for a unique experience! We’ve put together a BIRTHDAY EXCURSION that lets you and your guests create memories at the Jackson Zoo in a one of kind celebration, and still lets YOU enjoy a quiet house in the same condition you left it! 

Invite your guests to come out to Livingston Park where you can provide food and birthday treats. The park is overseen by the City of Jackson and open to the public free of charge. (The City and the Zoo staff just ask that you clean up after your party, taking out what you brought in.)

Then bring your party-goers into the Jackson Zoo for a full day of animals at 30% off of regular admission and ride prices!

PLEASE NOTE: A $25 non-refundable deposit is required for confirmation.

Up to 20 Guests: 

$137.00 (regular price $282.00) 
$123.00 JZ Members

Up to 30 Guests: 

$205.50 (regular price $292.50)
$184.50 JZ Members


Up to 40 Guests: 

$274.00 (regular price $390.00) 
$246.00 JZ Members

Excursion Includes:

  • All-day Zoo Admission
  • Splash Pad if available
  • Endangered Species Carousel Rides
  • ADD a Birthday Greeting Animal Encounter from the Jackson Zoo Education Department at 10:30 am or 2 pm for a one-time fee of only $30

(If you have more than 40 guests, it’s probably a good idea to look into a rental of the Large Classroom in the Gertrude C Ford Education Center. Prices start at $75 per hour.)

Things To Know:

  • For the safety of our animals and indigenous wildlife, NO BALLOONS are allowed at Livingston Park or inside the Jackson Zoo. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS. Any one bringing balloons will be required to return them their vehicles immediately.
  • Payment is due upon arrival. Confirmation or booking number is required to pick up admission passes and carousel coupons.
  • All outside food or beverages must be enjoyed at Livingston Park. None may enter the zoo.
  • Parties may not be available on high volume event days (Ice Cream Safari, CU at the Zoo, etc. Please check the monthly event calendar for big event dates.)
  • You MUST have a reservation 24 hours in advance in order to receive the 30% discount. Admissions staff cannot accommodate walk-up requests.
  • In case of SEVERE weather, rescheduling is possible.
  • Because excursions are larger groups than families, you are responsible for your guests behavior while visiting the HOME of over 350 animals. Excessive running, screaming or yelling at animals, rough horseplay, leaving the path and entering exhibits, putting hands into or throwing items into exhibits, and other disruptive actions are not courteous to the animals, staff or other guests. Your party may be asked to move on to the next exhibit by an animal care staff member if the group is causing distress to an animal, and the Jackson Zoo reserves the right to ask any guest(s) to vacate the park without refund if disruptive behavior continues.

Livingston Train 

Unfortunately, rides on the Livingston Train cannot be discounted. Rides are available for $2 per seat, and may purchase them at Admissions when you pay for your reservation.


Birthday Party Request

  • Membership must be current at time of booking to receive discount.
    Minimum number of guests required for each package. For instance, 16 guests would require a 20 person package, 29 guests would require a 30 person package, 31 would require a 40 person package, etc.
    There is a Discovery Animal Encounter every day at 1:00 pm at the Gertrude C Ford Education Display Hall that is free of charge for all guests. If you would like one closer to the time of your arrival, please indicate your interest:
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.