Human frozen treats inspired by the JZ Keepers frozen animal enrichment (PLEASE NOTE: These treats have been adapted for HUMANS ONLY. Do NOT share them with your pets or companion animals, as some ingredients are harmful to animals.)
GrapesiclesClean your preferred grapes in cold water (seedless is better, but any kind works), pat dry, and then either slide them onto skewers, or place loose, in a locking freezer bag.Freeze for 8 hours. Thaw just enough until loose before eating.
Banana PopsLine a plastic container with wax paper. Peel the bananas and cut in half. (Place them on popsicle sticks if you have them.) Freeze for 15 minutes. Take out and either dip or drizzle the bananas in chocolate and/or other toppings, then put back in freezer.Pre-freeze for 15 minutes; freeze for 30 minutes or until coating hardens.
Juice CubesPour favorite juice or pre-prepared powdered juice soft-drink into ice cube trays, careful not to overflow cubicles (remember, liquid expands as it freezes!) Rest toothpicks, half popsicle sticks, or equivalent into the liquid at the corners.Freeze for at least 8 hours, or until hardened. OPTION: Do not add a "handle" and use frozen juice cubes in other beverages, such as water, different types of juices or fruity soft drinks. You can also be brave and try adding them to ginger ale or sparkling water!
Cinnamon Apple ChunksLeave the skin on, wash apple in cold water. Slice or cube apple, removing the core. Place in freezer bag and freeze overnight. Place frozen apple in plastic container or on a plate, dust with cinnamon (or drizzle lightly with honey), and allow to thaw to room temperature before eating.
Banana BitesLine plastic container with wax paper. Peel and slice banana into discs. Freeze for 15 minutes. Place peanut butter in between two discs and either dip half into or drizzle with chocolate. Pre-freeze for 15 minutes, then refreeze for at least 30 minutes.
GALLOPING ZEBRA PUPPET! Have fun on any flat surface by creating your own zebra finger puppet! The full "recipe" can be found HERE, but you can also use things you have already at home. Be creative! And if you use recycled items, even better! For instance, use a marker instead of paint... tape instead of glue... and if you don't have the exact hole punch size, trace around a lipstick top and use your scissors!
All you need are plastic bottles, scissors, and string!Get tutorial here!
What you will need:
Glue or glue stick
Get all the details HERE.
Do you have a ton of old craft paints or finger paints taking up space? Send the kids outside with it, along with some spray bottles of water, brushes, and their imaginations to create some animal art on the windows! (Thanks to for the idea!)
Have them recreate their favorite zoo animals (using any of our photos from the Jackson Zoo Instagram or Facebook pages) and then snap a photo before they disappear! You can even send us your faves, we’ll post about them!
You will need an empty toilet paper roll, construction paper, pipe cleaner, googly eyes, popsicle sticks, craft glue, marker, and scissors.
Old greeting cards can be used in place of construction paper.
Buttons can be used instead of googly eyes.
Garbage bag ties or old straws can be used instead of pipe cleaner.
Get your paper to be the chosen color with crayons or markers before you assemble.
Original craft available on Pinterest
Download the Coloring Page in PDF (courtesy of