One of the reasons that zookeepers join the animal world is to protect and help save animal species, which includes the environment they live in. We may not all be professional animal care or environmentalists, but we can ALL be conservationists, especially here at home.

5 Easy Ways to Take Better Care of the Earth:

1) Pick up trash when you see it (even if you didn’t drop it) and encourage others to NOT litter. Join the movement by supporting Keep Jackson Beautiful!

2) Check your water usage: turn off the tap while brushing your teeth, or while soaping up your hands when you wash them, if you can; collect rain water on rainy days to water your plants and animals; and when giving fresh water to your pets, dump the “old” water into your plants. More tips at American Rivers

3) Don’t use paper towels or other paper items when using a dishcloth or an old rag will do just as well (drink spills, car washing and detailing, etc). When to use paper towels.

4) Try to re-purpose or repair something before you throw it away, and recycle what you can. Have you met our friends at Environmentality, yet? Also look at MS Recycling Coalition.

5) Try to use organic pest deterrents instead of man-made chemical pesticides. It’s easy to forget that when you kill one thing, you might be causing a chain reaction… poisoning vermin also poisons predators and carrion animals, interrupting the natural flow of decomposition. Get started with some basic ideas at

Don’t be scared of bugs, as many of them are needed in the environment. Give them somewhere to go with a cute BUG HOTEL made out of an old soda bottle.



PepsiCo has put up a video of how to make a SELF-WATERING PLANTER from a soda bottle.



Soda and water bottles can also make great TERRARIUMS.



And decorate for Earth Day with a colorful WINDSOCK! (Remember that you can substitute materials when you don’t have the exact pieces. Get creative!)



Some Conservation Organizations Supported by JZ Keepers and Staff

JZ Raptor Rehab



Giraffe Conservation Foundation


Animals Asia



Save the Rhino