As most people know, the Jackson Zoo staff is still working on MANY projects as we look towards being fully operational as soon as possible. We are a very small staff and sometimes have to ask for help.

We currently have THREE PROJECTS that we need to do, and we are looking for volunteers for each:

Cleaning and painting the 3 stone tables/seats near the Admissions entrance. This would be a Saturday morning project, fun for parents and even some children. Preferably need three teams to clean and then repaint the heavy stone seating arrangements.

Cleaning the rocking chairs at the Backyard Creatures house (where the snakes and alligators live.) There are a dozen chairs that need to be scrubbed down and placed on Backyard and Education porches. Another job perfect for volunteers of all ages on a Saturday morning. NOTE: Those who want to bring and donate a gallon of pure white acrylic gloss paint can also help touch up the chairs once they are clean and dry.

*PROS NEEDED* Reperching inside exhibits. This is a special call out for ADULTS AND YOUND ADULTS ONLY, specifically ones with carpentry, home improvement, and/or woodworking skills (chainsaw capabilities are needed by as many as possible). The animal residents will be kept in their night houses while Zoo Director and Keepers guide volunteers in cutting, placing, and affixing branches and other natural enrichment items in place within the enclosures. This project may need multiple days, and these volunteers would possible become a special crew working with the Director on similar projects throughout the year.

Thank you for supporting YOUR Jackson Zoo!