Your Support Makes a Difference

When you help the Jackson Zoo, you are helping the staff in their efforts to provide the most up-to-date and highest quality care for the amazing creatures that live in the zoo. The Jackson Zoo continues its commitment to providing excellent quality recreational and educational experiences dedicated to wildlife care and conservation.

Although our animal care staff follows all accredited standards for health and safety for our animals, there are ALWAYS items that can make their jobs easier, and add a little something special to the exhibits. Check out the ENRICHMENT PAGE for details on how this affects the animals.

Ginger GibsonAnn Stewart Sachs
Bob TibbsJulie Dollar
Lacey CrewsMark & Ashley Willson
Sarah BroomSheila Rosser
Hope HenryMark & Holley Weber
Pat StengerCharles Mason
Susan HowellWilliam Harris
Pleasant McNeelKanika Welch
Molly CadwellHope Henry
Anita CarverChristina Santmyer-Daum
Jonathan YarbroughTena McKenzie
Shelby MartinKatrina Stagg
Marcia PottsKathy Rector
Melinda HeathEllen Pack
Ethan DenmarkFelicia Cosey
Kristen KernLaura Mason
Tim MenearShyBria McWilliams
Gene KubackiLiesl Okuda
Kristen Kern


Boost A Keeper Primate Level $25

Boost A Keeper Hoofstock $50

Adopt An Animal Keeper Level $75

Adopt An Animal Guardian Level $100

Or mail your support to:

The Jackson Zoo
Attn: Development
2918 West Capitol Street
Jackson, MS 39209