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When you help the Jackson Zoo, you are helping the staff in their efforts to provide the most up-to-date and highest quality care for the amazing creatures that live in the zoo. The Jackson Zoo continues its commitment to providing excellent quality recreational and educational experiences dedicated to wildlife care and conservation.

Although our animal care staff follows all accredited standards for health and safety for our animals, there are ALWAYS items that can make their jobs easier, and add a little something special to the exhibits. More details can be found on the ENRICHMENT PAGE.



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To become a booster or adopter, send an email with your full name, email, street address and phone to ejrivers@jacksonzoo.org.

Then you can make your donation HERE via PayPal (with your account or as guest) or mail or drop off your support to:

City of Jackson, The Jackson Zoo
Attn: Development, ZooKeeper Support
2918 West Capitol Street
Jackson, MS 39209 


Boost A Keeper $25

Boost A Keeper $50

Adopt An Animal $75

Adopt An Animal $100




Hope Henry: Iago, the Blue & Gold Macaw, the JZ Bird RunMark & Holley Weber: Buster & Emma the Gibbons, and Polo & Sava the Lemurs
Ginger Gibson: the Laughing KookaburrasAnn Stewart Sachs: the JZ Keepers
Bob Tibbs: The JZ KeepersJulie Dollar: The JZ Keepers
Lacey Crews: The Laughing KookaburrasMark & Ashley Willson: The JZ Keepers
Sarah Broom: The JZ KeepersSheila Rosser: The JZ Keepers
Patricia Stenger: Zemora & Clementine the Pygmy HipposCharles Mason: KD Knox the Giraffe
Susan Howell: Buster and Emma the Gibbons, Tut the OstrichWilliam Harris: KD Knox the Giraffe
Pleasant McNeel: Meeko the Moon BearKanika Welch: Meeko the Moon Bear
Jay Shannon: JJ the Fishing CatJawaharlalnehru Vaiyapuri: Eko the Sumatran Tiger
Barbara Buccilli: The River OttersFran Bridges: The American Flamingos




Molly Cadwell: The JZ KeepersHope Henry: The JZ Keepers
Anita Carver: The JZ KeepersChristina Santmyer-Daum: The JZ Keepers
Jonathan Yarbrough The JZ KeepersTena McKenzie: The JZ Keepers
Shelby Martin: The JZ KeepersKatrina Stagg: The JZ Keepers
Marcia Potts: The JZ KeepersKathy Rector: The JZ Keepers
Melinda Heath: The JZ KeepersEllen Pack: JZ Keeper Morgan
Ethan Denmark: JZ Keeper JessFelicia Cosey: Animal Care Supervisor Willie Bennett
Kristen Kern: The JZ KeepersLaura Mason: JZ Keeper Jess
David Menear: Meeko the Moon BearShyBria McWilliams: The JZ Keepers
Gene Kubacki: The JZ KeepersLiesl Okuda: The JZ Keepers
Kristen Kern: The JZ KeepersKelly Love: The JZ Keepers
Kristi Utley: JZKeeper Alex Terrell