Saturday April 24th10 am to 4 pm
Sunday April 25th11 am to 4 pm

Hot Diggity Dog, Dippin’ Dots, and Brick Street Pops are open, weather permitting. Pepsi machines are at several locations throughout the park.

Rides on the Endangered Species Carousel are only $2 per seat.

Opening on Thursdays and Fridays in May!

Meeko the #Moonbear surveys his domain.

With a lot of our more intensive repair and renovation projects nearing completion, we will be able to open safely to the public for a few days during the week.

Starting May 6th, the current zoo hours will change so that we will be open to the public Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 10 am to 4 pm.

Tickets will be available for reservation or purchase online the Monday before, and all daily admissions will end at 2:45 pm. *IMPORTANT We are, of course, still following CDC mask and social distancing guidelines, so the park guest capacity of 500 visitors per day is still in place. Thanks to everyone working with us to keep masks over their noses and mouths when around our staff and animals!

Discovery Volunteers

The Obe and Pecan Show will hopefully return soon!

As we get closer to summertime, the Jackson Zoo Discovery Animal Care team is looking to put together a new group of Discovery Volunteers and Zoo Teens to help during events and outreach.

Humans 16 years old and up can now apply to work with our small education animal collection. After 32 hours of training, animal lovers can work with reptiles like snakes and tortoises, to mammals like hedgehogs and ferrets, or even more exotic animals like the Kinkajou or Solomon Island Skink.

The Discovery team is our #1 avenue of educating guests and the general public about the amazing animals in our world, and most importantly, dispelling myths and fears about some of these creatures that can cause so much stress between species. Fill out the form here and Lead Keeper Marrion will contact interested parties as she is able.


We are still interested in hiring ZooKeepers and Security rangers.

Check out the job descriptions and application process on our Job Postings page. Much gratitude going out to Elisha Bailey for visiting the JZKeeper Amazon Wishlist and purchasing some items for our animal care staff. It really is the little things that make all the difference!

Calling all craftspeople…

What amazing things have you been working on during the pandemic?

If you are looking for an event to showcase your art or skill, let us know. We are putting together a vendor opportunity very soon, and would love to see beautiful things our neighbors have been creating!

Reply to this email or send your info to!

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