We are so excited to finally announce an event we have been working on…

The Blue Bell Ice Cream Social with the City with Soul
Saturday, July 16th, 2022
11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

This is not only a “reZOOvenation” fundraiser, but it will be celebrating our local veterans, military and first responders, as well. 

Our “celebrity” scoopers for 2022 are some of our local US Veterans, members of the US Army Jackson Recruiting Company, US Navy Talent Acquisition Group of New Orleans, officers from the Jackson Police Department, Sgt Arp from the Port Gibson Police Department, Hinds County Sheriff’s Department, Warren County Sheriff’s Department, and the Jackson Fire Department. Assisting our servicemen and women will be our “pro” volunteers from Kixie/WJMI, Bday 99.1, MS Free Press, Clinton Courier/Canton News, WJTV, WAPT, and more!

Instead of a competition for best scooper or best flavor, the Blue Bell Ice Cream Social will consider the question of whether vanilla or chocolate ice cream makes the better sundae flavor? Team Vanilla includes popular Blue Bell flavors Homemade Vanilla, Cookies n’ Cream, Birthday Cake and Happy Tracks, and Team Chocolate includes Dutch Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Rocky Road, and Triple Chocolate. The Wild Card? Orange Sherbet for our non-dairy visitors. The Sundae Bar will be available for those wishing to personalize their flavor choices with extra goodies.

Activities included with admission, provided by Visit Jackson, the City with Soul: Discovery Encounters with JZKeepers AAZK Chapter, antics with Inky the Clown, SnapHappy face painting, Bounce-A-Roo water slide and inflatables, free watermelon and cotton candy with ZAPP (while supplies last), and the KidZone currently featuring Jackson Showboats, Skyhawks Sports Jackson, Trey Crake’s Academy of Kung Fu, Boxer’s Rebellion, and The Club at St. Dominic’s.

Tickets are regular admission ($8 & $5) plus a $5 Blue Bell Social pass:
Humans 13 years old and up are $13
Humans aged 2-12 years are $10
Humans under 2 years old are free

All proceeds will go towards new animal acquisitions and future exhibits!

JZKeepers in the MS Summer

Wup the #AmericanRiverOtter shows off his webbed toes! Photo: JZKeeper Alex

Every year, people ask just HOW the JZKeepers keep the animals comfortable during the heat of a southern summer. Answer: We have a tried and true system that’s pretty much designed by nature.

First, many of the exotic species we have are genetically prepared for life outdoors in the higher temps. They have different internal cooling systems than humans or companion animals, and also have different behaviors to take care of themselves. (The rhino, hippos, and hogs use mud as a sunscreen; zebra has built in powerful cooling protein; cats, bears and birds love their bathing pools & shady spots, for example.)

Second, the JZKeepers monitor the behavior of the animals closely, noting any kind of change. They make sure that shady areas in the exhibit are fortified, or “extra” shady. They check water sources frequently, adding ice and/or frozen treats. Plus, many of our mammals (especially with thick fur) are given access to their night houses as needed.

For our HUMAN guests, we have air conditioning in the Admissions/Gift Shop, the Backyard Creatures House, and the Gertrude C Ford Education Building (where snow cones and lemonade are now available!). We also have some misters around the property, and the Splash Pad is included in admission, and is NOT just for kids. (See the map HERE.)

Tickets are now available for Thursday through Sunday for credit/debit users online at Admissions and Gift shop. Last ticket sold daily at 3 pm, as the animals go to bed at 4 pm.

Rain or shine, hot or not, with over 200 animals to see, the Splash Pad, the Endangered Species Carousel, Hot Diggity DogDippin Dots, and Pepsi near the Cafe,AND ice cold drinks and sno cones in the air conditionedGertrude C Ford Education Hall in the Mississippi area on weekends, your Jackson Zoo is a fun, educational, and AFFORDABLE way to create family memories this summer!

Thanks to every one of our visitor as we work on our reZOOvenation! The more you zoo, the more your zoo can do!

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