Family is family, no matter the species! #DianaGuenon Photo: Director Dave

The staff and families of the Jackson Zoo wish everyone the most peaceful & joyful holidays possible, filled with love and hope for the new year. We’ve all been through so much, and should proud of where we stand and where we are headed. By continuing to support our friends, families, neighbors, co-workers, and community, 2022 will find us all stronger, and ready to tackle more projects and see more improvement!

The 4 #Cougar sisters look majestic every moment of every day. Photo: JZKeeper Alex



Tickets for this Thursday (12/23) and Sunday (12/26) are available now on our Shop page, as are a selection of items that would make great gift ideas. The Gift Shop in Admissions is open daily from 10 am to 4 pm for last minute shopping today, Wednesday and Thursday.


Christmas Eve (Friday December 24th) * Christmas Day (Saturday December 25th) * New Year’s Day (Saturday January 1st) * Visit the CALENDAR anytime


Hot Diggity Dog and Dippin Dots are not guaranteed to be open if the weather is rainy or cold. We encourage guests to bring a picnic or snack and enjoy it at Livingston Park, as no outside food or non-water beverages are allowed inside.

Big Mike the #SouthernWhiteRhino has been very active during the cooler temperatures. Photo: JZKeeper Alex


Starting January 4th, the zoo will be open to the public on TUESDAYS for $2 per person over the age of 2 years from 10 am to 4 pm, with last ticket sold at 2:45 pm. Look for online tickets to go on sale Monday, January 3rd.


All zoo memberships from previous years will expire as of Friday December 31st, 2021. Look for new membership or annual pass opportunities in spring of 2022

Thanks to Susan Howell for visiting the JZKeeper Amazon WishList and sending items to our animals! Photo: JZKeeper Alex


What’s great about the enrichment items on the list is that the JZKeepers can use them in different ways for different animals until they wear out. Feeder puzzles and ropes can be used for zebras, cougars, birds, otters, and monkeys, then repurposed for other animals.

For example, the blue ball may start as a feeder puzzle for Knox the #ReticulatedGiraffe, but can be sanitized and placed in with the #DianaGuenons for visual and motor play. This ensures all the animals get a variety of enrichment specific to them, but from recycled toys.

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