We are very impressed with and appreciative of Revitalize Mississippi for their work in the Discovery Zoo demo. 

Although the barns were the basis for MANY memories in the community, it was decided in in the early 2010’s that they were not meeting modern standards for properly caring for or housing our Discovery and Contact Yard animals. The buildings had been quickly built in the 1970’s, given a face lift in the mid 1980’s, but had continued to fall further into disrepair until the animals were moved to more modern quarters on zoo grounds in 2016.

Jim, Andy, and the friendly crew of Revitalize MS came in and cleared the foundations within a week, and at no charge to the Zoo.

Planning for the rebuild started in 2013, and the City of Jackson is currently working with the Jackson Zoo staff to finalize the work and start bringing back the popular Contact Yard as the first phase. Interacting with different types of animals at a young age can create a real appreciation for all the unique and beautiful creatures that share our world.

Since there are several ideas for other fun and educational exhibits in the space, the Discovery Zoo rebuild will probably be an ongoing and expensive project, but well worth the efforts. 

Thank you, Revitalize Mississippi!

Crews from City of Jackson Parks and Recreation have come out to do a different kind of clearing, as well as some patching along the way!

For almost a week, there were trimmers, loppers, blowers, weed eaters, and trucks dragging away debris as they got the zoo flora ready for spring blooming.

They are also doing repair work as they go, fixing a few concerning sinkholes along paths and boundaries.

We not only appreciate the work, but the respect that they showed for the animals that were enriched by all the activity!

Huge Jackson Zoo SALUTE going out to UMMC students who volunteered to help our Keepers during the Martin Luther King Jr Day of Service!

A group of ten or so students came out to power clean and re-perch exhibits (while the animals were in another area, of course – safety first!), which freed up our hardworking JZ Keepers to do more detailed projects for the animals.

Daily cleaning can often take up most of the hours in a shift, so having folks that understand the importance of specific cleaning needs is very helpful. We wish them the best in their studies, and hope to see them again in the future!

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