Eko the #SumatranTiger allows JZKeeper Jess to take his photo after receiving his 4th of July frozen treats!

Projects Around the Park

The USDA offices are still closed due to Covid-19, so we continue to prepare for inspection. No official zoo-reopen date has been set.

The crew is almost done with the new Sumatran Tiger Pavilion. They will add some shade cloth over the top for the comfort of visitors and work will be complete.

Keepers Note: Their progress has been diligently monitored by both tigers, Eko and mom Sari, throughout the process.

Staff and animals have also been watching Big John’s Tree Service do some work with great interest. They have come to remove a few trees and limbs that have become a cause of concern during inclement weather.

Although zoo people absolutely value the importance of trees in the environment, we must address large trees that impact the safety of our staff, animals, exhibits, and visitors. We don’t like to see them go, but our animals and humans take first priority. Photo: DTodd

Volunteer Opportunities

This Saturday (July 11th) is the Keep Jackson Beautiful‘s Virtual 5K Trash Dash. “Ploggers” can pick up trash and run in whichever neighborhood they call home, whether that’s Jackson or in any of the surrounding cities. There are lots of options, and all details can be found at the sign up page.

It’s a great way to 1) be active AND socially distant at the same time, 2) clean up our neighborhoods, 3) spread awareness of the damage that littering can cause, and 4) raise funds for the volunteers that work throughout the year to Keep Jackson Beautiful!

Frozen Treat Enrichment Fund

Did you catch our kid-friendly take on some animal frozen enrichment? Check out ANIMAL CRAFTS AND ACTIVITIES on our main website.

These are super easy, tasty, and fun. Depending on the age of the child, these are some treats that kids can do all by themselves!

Note: We ask you to remind them that these are human treat ideas, not the exact treats given to our animals. So please do not let them feed these to companion animals. Grapes, chocolate, and other edibles are NOT good for cats or dogs!

Cool News!

Despite being closed to the public, our Raptor Rehab conservation program with Vet Tech Donna continues. If you follow the Dollywood Eagle Cam on Instagram, you may have seen them tag the keeper-run Jackson Zoo Instagram recently with their latest addition: American Bald Eagle Amelia!

It’s because of Donna, her network of licensed wildlife rehabbers, and the US Fish & Wildlife Services that this gorgeous eagle was able to recover enough mobility to find a safe forever home at the amazing natural wildlife refuge in Tennessee!

Added Security

Our Human Resources department is still accepting applications for on-site Security Rangers here at the zoo.

The position is currently listed as part-time, although hours may be added as we get closer to a public re-opening. We highly encourage adults with security, military, and/or first responder experience to apply. CLICK HERE for details! Our Human Resources department is still accepting applications for on-site Security Rangers here at the zoo.

(Email all resumes to cherron@jacksonzoo.org with Ranger in the subject line. The Jackson Zoo is an Equal Opportunity Employer.)

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