#BlackNeckedSwans Pippin (dad) and Millicent (mom) have parented several offspring during their time here at the Jackson Zoo!

Reserve tickets for this weekend from 10 am to 4 pm, or next Saturday’s Summer Fling with Blue Bell, on our webpage, then pay when you arrive. (Due to technical difficulties, our Admissions booth and Carousel are currently CASH ONLY. We hope to have this issue resolved quickly.)

You can still use your card at Hot Diggity Dog, Dippin’ Dots, and Brick Street Pops, as well as at the Pepsi machines around the park.

Rides on the Endangered Species Carousel are only $2 per seat. Also, Scooterbug strollers are also now available for rent ($5 for singles, $8 for doubles, $9 for a manual wheelchair).


Main highlights for NEXT Saturday’s Summer Fling with Blue Bell are of course the wildlife that we love so much!

Because many of our animals love melon as much as we humans, there will be special enrichment given to the animals throughout the day. (Trust us, Eko the #SumatranTiger with a cantaloupe is a joy to behold!)

At 3:45 pm, join JZKeeper Alexandra as she presents a special Keeper Chat with K.D.Knox the #ReticulatedGiraffe. Find out all about giraffes in general, and our sweet Knoxie in particular.

The Raptors from Freedom Ranch Outreach will be joining us at 4:30 at the Gertrude C Ford Wildlife Adventures Stage, showing off their impressive wing spans and why they are so important to our ecology!

The zoo will open at regularly scheduled time (10 am) next Saturday, June 26th, but the activities, picnic, and vendors start at 3 pm and run until 6 pm. Tickets are $13 for ages 13 years and up, and $10 for ages 2-12 years (this is regular admission plus a $5 armband to participate in the free activities). As usual, children under 2 are free. All proceeds from this event are kicking off the fundraising for a new interactive lorikeet experience coming to the Jackson Zoo! The City of Jackson Parks & Recreation department and the Jackson Zoo Animal Care staff are excited to be planning this next exhibit as we continue renovations to our 100 year old park!


Every Sunday at 1:30 PM at the historic Jackson Zoo Castle in the Mississippi Wilderness area, Director Dave feeds our #AmericanAlligator family with chicken donated by Tyson Foods.

Dads of all ages appreciate the power and grace of these amazing reptiles as they get their weekly enrichment as much as kids do. (Moms usually find it impressive, as well!)

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