As businesses and attractions re-open in a limited capacity, many have inquired if the zoo will reopen with them. Since the zoo was already closed to the public before the coronavirus pandemic, the necessary shelter-in-place order unfortunately slowed our progress.

Right now, repairs, improvements, and plans for CDC/Covid compliant practices are ongoing as we wait for the USDA to re-open for inspections. We will continue to announce any major developments affecting our re-opening as soon as we are aware of them.

We want to welcome our community back inside our gates, and are working as quickly as resources, Covid conditions, and the daily weather forecasts allow.


The Sumatran Tiger Pavilion is being completely replaced and treated (pictured). The structure was originally built in 2010 so that guests could view the tigers’ completely upgraded tiger exhibit under shade.

Crews with City of Jackson have been working to clear and repair the perimeter fencing, as well as address certain trees inside the park that could be affected by strong weather conditions. They’ve also been checking, repairing, or replacing heating and cooling units in the animal “bedrooms,” and resolving issues with the water infrastructure.


Contractors will be repairing and sealing roofs for Meeko the Asiatic Black Bear and Knox the Giraffe, and reconditioning the ground inside the Red River Hog pens.

JZ Keepers have been revamping inside the exhibits, making smaller needed repairs, and creating and placing extra enrichment for the animals daily.


The latest addition to the ANIMAL CRAFTS AND ACTIVITIES is up on the website… have some fun while using common household items that might otherwise get tossed. Be like a JZ Keeper and practice ENRICHMENT to the kids, AND recycle!

(Please feel free to email with finished crafts or ideas for new ones!)


The mowers are here! Thanks to everyone who made it possible to purchase new mowers, or offered their gently used mowers, to our JZ Animal Care Staff!

Although the city handles the large public grassy areas, we have 12 employees that need to mow over 20 exhibit and off-exhibit areas. Multiple mowers means more efficient daily care schedules, and more time for animal training and enrichment.

Another YAY going out to our new Adopters and Boosters! This kind of support* helps the JZ Keepers with smaller projects, directly related to animal care and daily enrichment.

Check out the options HERE!

*Although donations to the zoo are not currently tax deductible, they are greatly appreciated by staff.

Zoo Area Progressive Partnership is doing a second run of their Jackson Zoo YARD SIGNS! Zoo fans in Jackson and the surrounding communities can show support for our animals by popping one of these signs up. All you have to do is message the ZAPP facebook page.

You can also keep up with Keep Jackson Beautiful for other ways to help the zoo and our neighbors. They have scheduled a Virtual 5K Trash Dash on July 11th!

Top Jackson Zoo Fan Hope Henry was sweet enough to supply a socially-distant lunch recently to the entire JZ Staff. She also continues her sponsorship of Iago the Blue and Green Macaw, and the other residents of the Bird Run and Discovery Zoo.

The love and care by our community members makes it easier to love and care for our animals, so THANK YOU, HOPE!


Thanks to Mr. Mickey Hansen for some amazing cardboard art now residing in the Gertrude C. Ford Education Center Display Hall! Thousands of hours went into the making of these exotic creatures of cereal boxes, paper towels, and glue, and then he worked some more to adjust them to our ceiling heights!

A giant King Cobra, a Chimp, and a Python will greet visitors when the Display Hall eventually opens back up to the public. They are TRULY stunning, and we look forward to sharing his talent!

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