Our gorgeous “old man,” Nicolai the #AmurLeopard, trying NOT to nap in the sun! Photo by Vet Tech Donna

Happy Easter! We will be open April 3rd and 4th, Saturday 10 am to 4 pm and Sunday 11 am to 4 pm, with last ticket sold at 2:45 pm. Reserve or purchase tickets here to make sure you are part of the 500 person park capacity on your chosen day.Hot Diggity Dog, Dippin’ Dots, and Brick Street Pops are open, weather permitting. Pepsi machines are at several locations throughout the park.

We are need of a special keeper! We are currently in need of a special human that can be trained to be a part of the small team that cares for some of our most amazing – and dangerous! – zoo animals: the apes.

Our Chimps and Gibbons require patience, understanding, and an unwavering respect for their safety and behavioral needs. This is a very physical, detail-oriented keeper position, and although some animal care experience is a must, we are willing to train the right person for this advanced position. Check out the job description and application process on our Job Postings page.

Projects in the Park Thanks for all the positive comments regarding some of the visible work being done here in the park.

Since October of 2019, there have been MANY projects, repairs, and improvements happening, in spite of the pressures of the pandemic. Most of the extensive work happens on weekdays when we are closed due to safety concerns, but many of our recent visitors have seen some smaller things happening on a sunny Saturday or Sunday when we are open. Even as we watch other local businesses and attractions start to open back up in COVID recovery, we still have a lot to do with regard to our improvements. We continue to ask all guests to bear with us as we work through one project at a time until we can open fully.

School Trips on Thursdays! We still have spaces open on Thursdays in April and May between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. for discounted educational treks through the zoo!

Students and teachers can view the animals, take a ride on the Endangered Species Carousel for $1, and purchase treats from Hot Diggity Dog, Dippin Dots, and Brick Street Pops. Reservations are first come/first served, and we continue to follow COVID safety guidelines. Go to our Education Webpage, or contact Education Curator Kenneth (email or 601-352-2580 ext 245) for specifics!

Kisses from a #RedRiverHog! Photo by JZKeeper Alex

Continuing Keeper Support Thanks so much to those who have visited our JZKeeper Amazon Wishlist, and donated items directly to the Keepers for enrichment and small animal care needs. A very special thank you goes out to the family of the late Ms. Kathy Rector, long time docent and supporter. Her amazing energy and generosity has left an indelible legacy in our zoo.

Special Request: Our Veterinary Clinic is in need of a gently used washing machine and a gently used full-sized refrigerator or a small stand-alone freezer. If you or someone you know can donate items of that size, it would be very much appreciated! You can reply to this email or contact Donna at 601-352-2580 ext 243.

Eko the #SumatranTiger shows off his massive paws from JZKeeper Alex!

THANK YOU for continuing to wear masks to protect our staff and animals! Although some people are awaiting their second COVID shot, there are MANY humans still waiting to be vaccinated for the first time. We are VERY serious about the health of our staff and animals, and we will remain vigilant about following masking and social distancing guidelines until the CDC relaxes the public standards.

Why it is important to remain masked in public until all eligible humans are vaccinated.

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