In 2010, WWF-South Africa started World Rhino Day every year to help celebrate the five remaining species of rhinoceros left on the planet. Stop by the page to see how much they’ve accomplished for these amazing animals, and how you can help! #MyHornBelongsOnMyHead Photo: Director Dave

Tickets for this Thursday through Sunday are available ONLINE via credit or debit

OR you can RESERVE ONLINE and pay CASH ONLY when you arrive.
13 years old and up are $8
2-12 years old are $5
Children under 2 years old are free
Last ticket sold every day at 2:45 pm – make sure you arrive by 3 pm!

Splash Pad is included, and Endangered Species carousel rides are $2 each. Hot Diggity Dog and Dippin Dots are open on the weekends during fall and winter.

Don’t skip Halloween fun because it’s on a Sunday! Let the kids get in some exercise with the animals before the sun goes down, and still get home in plenty of time to get the household ready for work and school the next day!

From noon until 4 pm on Sunday, October 31st, the Credit Unions of Mississippi are sponsoring a fun, active afternoon for families that includes a haunted cavern, a challenging labyrinth, spooky carousel rides, and a JZKeepers AAZK Chapter scavenger hunt through the zoo that earns tokens for CANDY!

All of the activities are included in regular admission ($8 for ages 13 and up, $5 for ages 2-12, and under 2 are free). PLUS, children under the age of 12 can get in FREE when they reserve their tickets online, starting Monday, October 4th!*

This kid-friendly, COVID-conscious event is made possible by Century First Federal Credit Union, CommFirst Federal Credit Union, Eagle Express Federal Credit Union, Jackson Area Federal Credit Union, Keesler Federal Credit Union, Members Exchange Credit Union, Rivertrust Federal Credit Union, and Statewide Federal Credit Union.

*Tickets are while supplies last due to our COVID-19 guest limitations. Adult and child tickets for Oct 31 will be made available on Monday, October 4th. Only 4 child tickets per online transaction. Every transaction must have one or more adult ticket, as children under 16 cannot enter the park without adult present.

Eko looks like he means business… Photo: JZKeeper Alex

Let’s Stay Open Mississippi!

We highly encourage everyone (who can) to get the COVID-19 vaccination, for both personal and community health reasons, especially all the struggling healthcare workers.
While we do not require vaccination to enter, we DO require ALL guests (vaccinated or not) to wear their masks inside the Gift Shop, inside the Backyard Creatures house, under the Splash Pad lounge, and whenever they are within 6 feet of other staff or guests or animal exhibits. Guests will not be admitted without a mask.
We are also happy to offer ONE FREE CHILD ADMISSION for an adult showing a new or completed COVID-19 vaccination card and a valid photo ID. (One child per card, card can only be presented one time.)

Check out other businesses in the Metro offering incentives for Mississippians who can help lower the numbers of neighbors suffering from COVID-19 and it’s pandemic.


We still have some opportunities to get in some volunteer hours… Jackson Zoo Crew Volunteer page

The JZKeepers AAZK Chapter is starting their autumn drive for enrichment (always helpful during the slower winter months)… JZKeeper Support

Check out the TechJXN Job Fair this Thursday from 10 am to 4 pm at the Jackson Convention Complex to get details on how to work for the Jackson Zoo… Become a JZKeeper

JZ STaff mourns passing of elderly Grevy’s zebra, Petal

The Jackson Zoo is sad to announce that our beloved female Grevy’s Zebra, Petal, passed recently due to age related issues.

Petal was born in November of 1989 at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, where wildlife experts focus on the breeding and conservation of endangered and threatened exotic species. At 32 years old, she was well past the standard 30 year lifespan for captive zebras.

Grevy’s are the largest of the three species of zebra (along with plains, and mountain), and are easily identified by their larger ears.

They are also the most endangered, as there are only 2500 Grevy’s known to be left in the wild. They once roamed all of Africa and Eurasia, but they are now only found in northern Kenya and southern and eastern Ethiopia. The Grevy’s Zebra Trust is working to save them in their native habitat, and you can find out how HERE.

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