As you can see from the smooth surface in this photo from Director Dave, not even Meeko the #Moonbear has ventured out yet today. He might for a brief time later so his keeper can do a quick clean of his night house, but with that bear, one never knows. Photo by Director Dave Wetzel

Like much of central and north Mississippi, we have a very pretty few Snow Days happening in the park! We hope everyone is staying safe and warm, and making sure outside animals and plants are either brought indoors or given extra special care during this winter weather!

Princess the #TawnyFrogmouth seems to be adapting to her stay in her temporary “hotel room.” Photo by JZKeeper Alex

Since the JZ Animal Care staff always prepare for this weather well in advance, all of the animals have been in climate controlled spaces, including some that usually don’t care about colder weather.

Since they are used to be outside, JZ Keepers make sure to give extra enrichment to make the indoor time more natural.

Knox on his second tree of the day. Photo by JZKeeper Alex

It will still be chilly, but sunnier and hopefully much drier this weekend. Tickets are on sale HERE for when we open Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm, and Sunday from 11 am to 4 pm.

Rides on the Endangered Species Carousel are $2, and Dippin Dots, Brick Street Pops, Hot Diggity Dog, and Pepsi are available near the cafe during park hours.

(Due to a technical issue, we can only process credit or debit card payments online at this time. When you reserve your tickets for this weekend, you can PURCHASE them with debit, credit, or Paypal in our online Shop, or you can use the coupon codes and then pay CASH ONLY at Admissions upon your arrival. We are sorry for any inconvenience.)

Do not fret, this is just a pretty snow picture of the stone gator at the JZ Castle. The real #AmericanAlligators are hiding in their moat. It’s called “brumation,” where they submerge themselves in the water (which stays warmer than the air outside and has no wind chill factor), then stick their snouts up just enough to get air. Their metabolism slows way down and they just doze until they warm up again. Get more info about winter water ecology HERE. (Photo by Director Dave)

Huge thanks to the JZ Keepers, as almost all of them made it in despite the road conditions. They are under both heightened safety and animal care protocols, with some of our most experienced Keepers staying on grounds with Security in case of emergencies.

Boost a Keeper or Adopt an Animal for yourself or someone else HERE!

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