Pippin and Millicent, the Black Necked Swans, promenade across their frozen pond. Photo by JZ Keeper Alicia

Because these birds are native to the southern most region of South America, cold temperatures don’t phase them too much. JZ Keepers check on them regularly, however, ready to intervene if necessary.

K.D. Knox, the Reticulated giraffe, has been keeping JZKeepers very busy. Extra time indoors means enrichment needs to be more varied and more frequent than normal daily schedules. Photo: JZKeeper Alex

Closed to the Public 2/20 and 2/21 Again Due to Weather Issues

Due to unforeseen water issues and residual weather concerns, the park will NOT be open to visitors this weekend as we had planned. Rest assured that the animals are well as the JZKeepers are working around these challenges. We hope to have it resolved soon.

The Kookaburras use socialization to keep warm in addition to the heat lamps in their hut. Photo: JZKeeper Alicia

The JZ Staff hopes that all of our community remains warm and safe, and we send our thoughts out to the residents of Texas as they battle the effects of Winter Storm Uri.

If you are in a position to help, CNN and CBSNews have compiled a good selection of regional donation sites for those who can.

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